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Re: Re: Microsoft Bashing ( Cry Babies )

> instead usually what I find here is a bunch of whining cry babies. Do you
> not have anything else to talk about?????.

Let's complain about new color correctors always promised never available,
the situation today is amazing, we have been using the same tools for
years, we have to use vision mixers and other things never designed for
telecine to satisfy clients because proper tools have not been developped.
However telecine manufacturers are doing pretty well and as Bill Gates 
would say about computers: if as much effort and investment had been put 
in color correctors than in telecine for the past few years our color
would be real time Infernos and would probably make coffe. Let's imagine if

all the R&D spent on hi-res stuff had been spent on improving SDTV
well, I prefer not to think about it.
Today's situation is like this: you have ten people for diner, only one
bottle of Champagne or you can get 6 bottles but without the bubbles. Soon
it will be better Champagne in the bottle but still the same choice.
Am I the only one on this or what ? 


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