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Re: Digital Lab and stuff.

kris wrote:
> The workstation:
> 12 bit is pretty hard to pull through when we are talking 130.000+ frames so we plan
> to go 300mhz (8procc) Onyxes and 4 channel FC storage (1-1.5 tera using 36 gig's) at
> the Inferno for real time 1920 playback. If any of you are working on something
> similar please drop me a mail.

Hi Kris,

I'm working on just such a thing for myself. 
I originally wrote a filmres playback engine that
was used at Pixar for Bugs Life, Tapehouse, and a few
other places. I'm writing a second generation 
version right now which is more like a combination
telecine/editor/compositor. It's akin to a mini
avid/inferno/commotion tool.

The system that we were originally specing out for this 
was an an Onyx2 IR with 4 FC loops which is reasonably pricey.
However, if you wanted to do it on budget, you might 
want to look at an Octane based system. I'm currently 
assembling a system to do just that. 

The low cost, DIY/Indie approach is quite affordable.
Octane: ~25k
1 TB (28 36gb drives): ~42k
4 FC enclosures: ~10k

The differences between the Octane and Onyx IR features
don't sound like they're relevant for what you're 
trying to accomplish.

> If anyone has done bandwidth calculations as well, please drop me a mail.
I've got lots of numbers and they're lots of variations
dependending on all the constraints. Too many numbers!

> precision of the laser will force us to run everything through the Inferno at 12
> bit. We have been able to get away with 8 bit (with gamma) untill now, providing no
This could be a Spirit colorspace issue. It you can afford the extra 
scanning time, I'd go with a true 14bit rgb scanner and scan at 
4k sampled down 2k 10log or higher.

>Sony has now announced the 24p RGB tape format and SGI is going to
>implement it in their new HD interface. Wouldn't this be right for distribution?

>From what I've heard (and not seen yet, so I'm skeptical), is that the
new TI projectors with the 1280 DLPs are comparable in quality 
to 2k output on film. Can anyone who's seen the side by sides
confirm this?



Deanan DaSilva
delusion at delusion.com

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