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Digital projections

Deanan DaSilva wrote:

> >From what I've heard (and not seen yet, so I'm skeptical), is that the
> new TI projectors with the 1280 DLPs are comparable in quality
> to 2k output on film. Can anyone who's seen the side by sides
> confirm this?

If this is so, I wonder how the 1920 projection will look. As far as our CTO has
calculated, the human eye is capable of resolving 1800 lines at a 60 deg. viewing angle so
1280 is not enough. When the optical print projection will be substituted by a digital, it
should be not only more practical and economical but also far better (cleaner, brighter,
sharper etc.). If cinemas want to survive the "home theater" they must be able to offer
something spectacular. When I come back from the 1920 against print shutout next week I
will know more.

BTW. We have also thought of another thing. Since the digital projection is an additive
process it will be able to display technicolor. An interesting angle...

Best regards


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