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Re: ARRILASER (marketing)

On 1999-02-28 at 15:34, Marc Shipman-Mueller (msmueller at arri.com) wrote:

> The ARRILASER is a turnkey system consisting of a Windows NT host 

TIG administration news:

The posting yesterday about the ARRILASER by Mr. Shipman-Mueller of
Arri Corp. steps into the area of marketing, and this sort of posting
is not permitted on the main TIG.  Direct replies to questions about
products are certainly fine, when posted by any subscriber including
the manufacturer, with the caveat that any commercial affiliations had
best be revealed in order for the information to be taken seriously,
and as long as the posting 1) attempts to answer the question and 2)
doesn't include marketing or advertising [see next paragraph].  In the
case of a non-manufacturer posting opinions and analysis of the
equipment of a particular manufacturer, please inform everyone that
you're not remunerated by the manufacturer --this way your words will
not be taken out of context, or be misunderstood as marketing.  It's a
tradition that dates back to the earliest days of Usenet, and a fine

The ARRILASER information claims to be a response to an earlier
reuqest on the TIG; there was a request for information from anyone
who had calibrated one for IP, which the response from Mr.
Shipman-Mueller addresses with the statement that it "can be used to
record an IN as well as an IP".  There would have been no problem with
a response limited to this information.  However, the response in this
case goes on to detail price information, qualitative analysis of the
competition, complete specifications, and endorsements.  We have a
forum for this sort of information, the telecine-announce digest, sent
to 95% of TIG subscribers once or twice a week, and that is where 98%
of the message about ARRILASER belonged.

> No advertising/marketing allowed on the main TIG.  Contact
> rob at alegria.com

the line just above is attached to every TIG message and should be
understood to mean, that if you're in any doubt as to the suitability
of your message, please send it to me first.


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No advertising/marketing allowed on the main TIG.  Contact rob at alegria.com
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