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HD questions off topic (sorry)

Hello all,
    I guess this is not as off topic as some of the stuff I see here, as
it is about moving images and all that: Does anyone know of a facility
or piece of equipmet that can convert 1250/i50 HD (A brilliant format
that we should all lobby for the adoption of, Call your congressman
TODAY! ) to 1080/i60. I do not yet know the source tape format (D6 or
multiple D1 (another cool idea)). But I just need to know if it is
remotely possible. This is an invitation to all of you vendors to pummel
me with E-mail about your solution to my problem. Thank you all in

Vince Forcier
Director of Engineering
Roland House, Inc.
2020 North 14th Street
Suite 600
Arlington, VA 22201
mailto:vforcier at rolandhouse.com
703.525.7000 - Voice
703.525.7001 - Fax

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