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PC 601 cards

Hello to all - NAB is coming on fast and I have questions -
Does Anyone out there have a recommendation for a component 601 card for a PC ?
I am looking for any and all suggestions..... Please reply directly to me.
Hey - who's buying a new telecine? let's hear the latest rap from Cintel ( from users please ).....
Who's buying Sony HDcam decks?  Any opinions on D-5 versus HDcam ( we bought D5 ) ?  I have a feeling the largest marketer in the free world is going to force their format on the free world via price. Maybe the new 1080 / 24 p decks will have a much nicer compression ratio than the current 1080/i decks.... but I doubt it.   Can anyone enlighten me please?
Any word on Bob's request for Pandora or Davinci to stop worrying about pristine video/data  paths for 5 minutes to give us some user definable tools we can actually use? ( like texture, diffusion, defocus, edges, etc....)
Anyone care to comment on the Spirit "black paint" / speeds upgrade ?  I'm due to get mine soon -- main differences?
Any official word on 1080/24p i/o's for SGI?   It would be just ducky if I could route my 2K to my Inferno or my Fire HD via
a normal HD router...... Maybe I can and I just don't know about it yet........
So many questions - so little time to see things at NAB.  Won't some big mighty manufacturer step up to the plate and give us some info we can chew on before NAB slaps us in the face?  C'mon,  I know you guys are sitting around meeting tables talking about dominant paradigms and Industry HD trends - you're also probably mulling over getting to market with the first of whatever you're new box is -
what about tossing out a bone to chew on? When I go with my list I'm only stopping at the booths I know something about - it's not the kind of show where you just wander and hope you end up in a booth that has the latest gizmo you never thought of....
So here's hoping I see something cool on the telecine announce list.
Happy ball spinning,
Craig Leffel