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Re: PC 601 cards

On Tue, 2 Mar 1999 20:48:44 -0600, you wrote:
>Does Anyone out there have a recommendation for a component 601 card for a PC ? 
>I am looking for any and all suggestions..... Please reply directly to me. 
Are you looking for a frame grabber or a motion video setup?

AJA has a nice 601 PCI frame grabber (www.aja.com). 

And everybody in the know universe will no doubt be showing 601 motion
cards (Matrox, DPS, etc etc etc.). 

But likely not Truevision, who have, through the grace of some benevolent
deity, finally had a wooden stake driven through their incompetent,
unresponsive, non-supportive, abandon-the-last-generation-of-users heart.

The guys at AJA are clever and nice, but they haven't given me a damn thing
except good tech support etc etc disclaim disclaim.


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