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Re: PC 601 cards

> AJA has a nice 601 PCI frame grabber (www.aja.com). 
I tried this card using Photoshop for a front end, and it worked well
for basic telecine slates.  

I've also had the Inscriber software with the Matrox board set in for
demo, and it worked very well. It is very powerful and versatile, but
was a little overkill for the simple slates we needed. 

I've also heard that the Digital Voodoo 601 board works well in a Mac.  

Now, where are the HDSDI PCI frame grabbers hiding?  I'd suspect there
may be some at NAB.  Any hot leads out there?  

As usual, no compensation was received for the opinions expressed
above. Actual mileage may vary with driving conditions. ;-}



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