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Platinum/Digi Beta Edit Problems

Has anyone out there incured a problem specifically with digi beta
editing whilst running Platinum.  I've had an intermitent problem where
the digi loses lock as if inserting on virgin stock striped up to the
hour.  A quick fix has been to change decks, but this doesn't seem to be
foolproof.  Changing to Insert and then back to Assemble again works,
but again this doesn't rectify the problem every time.  Does anyone know
if theres a bug in the software which flips Platinum into Insert mode
whilst displaying Assemble.  It only happens once in a blue moon, and
only on digi betas, but when the fault occurs it likes to linger for the
duration of a job, tideous when picking up.  I've been down the road of
resets, so any ideas will be appreciated.


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