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ARRILASER (marketing)

>The posting yesterday about the ARRILASER by Mr. Shipman-Mueller of
>Arri Corp. steps into the area of marketing, and this sort of posting
>is not permitted on the main TIG.

I apologize for my violation of this rule, and will promise to apply more
disgression in the future. This was not a purposeful violation, rather I
posted this to the CML and thought the TIG may also benefit, without
keeping in mind the different setup of TIG. Sorry guys. I hope this is not
a violation that will get me kicked off this list, as I enjoy the
discussions tremendously.


Marc Shipman-Mueller, Camera & Digital Systems Technical Representative
Arriflex Corporation; 1646 N. Oakley Ave, Suite #2, Chicago, IL 60647-5319, USA
Tel: 773 252 8003, Fax: 773 252 5210
Email: msmueller at arri.com, Web: http://www.arri.com

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