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Re: digital audio delay

> We're looking for a straight forward digital audio delay box with no other
> features except for the audio delay.

We use Bel which are OK IMHO. There is a mod you can do to GPI bypass them
which is handy for control by DaVinci and creating a Tape to tape config.
The UK agent for Bel Audio Products has this info. They have only done this
mod for us at Rushes I think.

They are...

Michael Stevens and Partners
Invicta Works
Elliott Road
Tel (44) 181 460 7299
Fax - (44) 181 460 0499

There are audio mixers now with delays built in that can store patches but
this may be overkill.
FYI, at the risk of sounding like a C-Reality evangelist ;-) this telecine
has an adjustable digital delay built inside it....but no external input to
the delay or AES digital output at present.

Kind wishes

Paul Grace


I have no connection etc with Michael Stevens and Partners or Bel Audio
Products blah blah blah.....

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