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Re: The Life And Death Of 720p... Or Was That 1080i?

He's a contributor to the ITS list (among other things) with no particular
agenda that I am aware of...  Regardless, like you, I happen to share his

He requested that I pass on a couple of items:

"Since I wrote this piece, I want to make a correction: 

What was said: 
It has a lot to do with NHK holding so many 1080i patents. 

What should have been said: 
It has a lot to do with NHK's view on anything other than 1035. 

The opinion piece will be posted on Monday on Digital Television: The
Site (http://www.DigitalTelevision.com). I wanted to get it out before then
so that I do not have any non-disclosure conflicts with the US ITU-R Study
Group preparatory meeting Monday afternoon."

Bill Hogan wrote:
> Tom:  Who the heck is Michael Silbergleid?  And what is his personal or
> hidden agenda?

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