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Digital Projections

Hi there.

Just returned from a Digital Projections vs. print shootout at the Arri cinema in Munich. Here is
our impression:

There were 3 systems tested. The Ampro, the Barco and  Digital Projections.

The Ampro was a disaster. Seems like they had not succeded in setting it up so it is difficult to
be fair. Resolution was very low, dynamic range also very poor. Blacks dark grey, whites ligt

The Barco a bit better but with the same problems.

The Digital Projections the best but compared to the print it had far less dynamic range and at
an aproxx. 45 deg. viewing angle the structure of the matrix very dominant.

All in all. If this is going to be the succesor to print projections it has to better than the
print. The DP unit was only 1024 pixels, has to be 1920 before the res. will be acceptable for
cinema use. The dynamic range also has quite some way to go. One thing that was pleasing to the
eye was the steadiness. Allthough we did not notice unsteadiness while the print was projected,
the difference was quite clear everytime it went digital. So,- it is "back to ze drawingboard".

Best regards


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