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Dirt / Dust

Dear All,

According to my limited telecine knowledge, the following article doesn't 
make sense.  I have been told that the Spirit Datacine  minimizes dirt 
and dust from the transfer process as a bi-product of  its' diffuse 
illumination.  If  true, what happened in the Pleasantville scenario?   
Any feedback, appreciated. Please cc simon at ringoffire.com, as I only 
receive the digest.

Simon Scott
Inferno Artist
Ring of Fire, LA

                            Commotion Speeds Up Pleasantville

                            The "Pleasantville" effects team praises 
                            cineon support

                            Company: Pleasantville Production
                            Los Angeles, CA 
                            Artist: Chris Watts, Visual Effects
                            Supervisor, Pleasantville
                            Project: Pleasantville

                            The Challenge: Almost 1700
                            visual effects shots for New Line
                            Cinema's Pleasantville were scanned at 2K on 
a Spirit Datacine.
                            Philips Broadcast Television Systems Spirit 
2Kx2K Realtime
                            Datacine is a multi-purpose high-resolution 
realtime film
                            scanner for post-production incorporating 
Kodak's advanced
                            imaging technology and all digital signal 
processing. Once
                            digitized, several thousand frames of footage 
were left with
                            specks of dirt, fine hairs and dust. To fix 
this problem, Chris
                            needed a fast and reliable solution to 
effectively clean up the
                            large number of shots.

                                                         The Solution: 
"Puffin Design's
                                                         Commotion was 
used to clean dirt
                                                         from over 500 
shots in
We needed a
                                                         solution that 
was extremely fast,
                                                         reliable and 
easy to use.
                                                         Commotion reads 
Cineon files
                                                         better than any 
other application
                                                         on the Macintosh 
desktop. It is very
                                                         cost effective 
when compared with
                                                         SGI based 
systems like Matador
                                                         that have 
similar functionality, but
                                                         at over five 
times the price.
facility with 8-bit log
                                                         files makes it 
ideal for film work on
                                                         the Macintosh," 
commented Chris.

                            "At first, we didn't take advantage of all of 
Commotion's robust
                            capabilities, but as time went on, we began 
to use it for more
                            complex tasks. In a scene where a tree 
catches fire, some jets
                            from a propane system were visible. Painting 
these out with
                            Commotion was a snap. We are very grateful to 
Puffin Designs
                            for designing a great roto/paint system that 
is so effective,
                            reliable and affordable!"

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