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Re: Dirt / Dust

At 03:01 PM 3/8/1999 -0800, Simon Scott wrote:
>Dear All,
>According to my limited telecine knowledge, the following article doesn't 
>make sense.  I have been told that the Spirit Datacine  minimizes dirt 
>and dust from the transfer process as a bi-product of  its' diffuse 
>illumination.  If  true, what happened in the Pleasantville scenario?   

Hey Simon,

I think the key word here is *minimizes*. The questions to ask might be
what side of the film was the dirt on? Base or emulsion? Was it in-camera
garbage? As a Spirit power user, I can tell you that the parabolic scan
results are really quite phenomenal. In fact I had an opportunity to
perform a job on a C Reality today and I was amazed at the amount of
surface dirt and debris that was visible. Perhaps the producers of
Pleasantville were removing filmic artifacts that were pre-develop in
nature. Do you remember if the source footage was B&W??? Thats a whole
'nother discussion.



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