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Audio Delay - tc electronics DBMAX

Dear Folks,

I was interested to read that Glenn Sundel had also tried the DBMAX from tc

We bought it because we too needed a delay and we thought that because it
had a limiter too it would be quite good.

We have found that if we run the thing in by-pass the delay function works
quite well - that is after having set up the reference levels. This took
several passes before we got it right.  The box certainly isnīt plug-n-play.

Once you get to the area of say trying to compress say a Perfo sound with
about 45dB dynamic to about 25dB needed for TV you really start to leave the
I asked tc electronics how to set the machine up for this and got no
concrete answer, though they did try to help me on the phone. (Itīs
extrodinary to me how audio companies always seem to have the worst
telephone systems or the tinnyest answering machines!) There are clippers on
the input, clippers on the output and lots of attenuators crushers and
squeezers on menus here there and everywhere. The 1" x 2" screen is really
far too small for all the information which needs to be displayed - a VDU
output would be better.

There are umpteen preset configurations but not being a guru in audio banta
I donīt have a clue as to what most of them do.  I have faxed and phoned tc
electronics on several occasions simply requesting a list of these configs:
detailing what had been changed and what each one was for. Wait...
Apparently this will be issued with the next manual update.

We tried out the "Wizard" function on one spot. It compressed and AGCīd the
whole thing hard on 0dB with no dynamic whatsoever.

It can only vary digital audio (and clipping levels) in integer dB
increments. Itīs no good saying "Iīd like to clip this spot at +1.5dB." -
itīs either 1 or 2.

There are two areas where presets are stored: the Reference Levels and
Preset Configurations. You may thing these are both the same but theyīre
not. It is a bit of a hassle trying to explain to an operator that he must
load up two configs to get the thing working. The best solution is for me to
set it up then we leave it on.

If anyone out there has tamed this creature please get back to me.


Keep on crushing! - the sound that is!

Phil Budden

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