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tig news (spam)

I'm attempting to stanch a heavy flow of spam from "j.h3 at virgin.net"
who is sending a message exhorting people to use "Mandy's
International Film and TV Production Directory".  So far today, 43
emails have been directed to various accounts at alegria.com,
including many to the TIG, from j.h3 at virgin.net; apparently mine are
not the only hosts or accounts being spammed--it's quite possible that
a harvesting robot combed through the TIG website and archives and has
directed the spam to all visible addresses...  I've written a filter
rule that now kicks back these messages to the authorites at
virgin.net with advice.  In a continuing effort to stop spam I've also
started a confirmation dialog for new subscribers to the TIG that
should help keep our list spam-free.  (I remember the days when there
wasn't any spam; the first spam I ever saw resulted in a lawsuit,
mailbombing, voicemail bombing, and a letter-writing campaign to the
Arizona State Bar; the spammer, an attorney, was disbarred partially
as a result of the protests.  Now, spam is unfortunately quite common,
and presents large administrative costs to those who must fight it.)

I heartily recommend that no TIG subscriber use "Mandy's" as they are
spamming.  (anyone who would like more details please contact me.)

TIG admin

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