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Seeing CReality

Since the C-Reality issue has come up again....

We have just recieved our HD C-Reality (Monday actually) and powered it
up and made our first HD pictures.
Let me change that to made our first  'FANTASTIC' HD pictures!!

Universal has been in the HDTV mastering business for almost 6 years and
I think we have seen just about everything the HD telecine market has to
offer. I can say for sure these are incredible pictures. No noise,
excellent resolution, flat field focus, excellent color-separation,
excellent film handling. We are not doing data here but I have seen the
data output elsewhere and it looks very impressive.

For those that doubted Cintel's capability (myself included) to create a
competitive scanner for the future, it is here, it worked
out-of-the-box, and it looks great!

S/N > 50db with live pictures.
MTF on the D.E.L. film 600 line wedge 75% (the film has been measured at
4 to 5db down at 600 lines so we are essentially flat)
Incredible dynamic range

All things considered this machine looks great for HD mastering of all
formats and provides for data scanning of true RGB 2k x 2k.

More details to follow if your interested!

Best regards to all,


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