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disingenuity (was: Seeing CReality)

> for Universal to consider making a contribution to the TIG?  Details
> of the costs involved in running it are at
> http://www.alegria.com/tig3/info.html#money

well, there I go again, a slip here caused what was supposed to have
been a private message to go out to the whole group.  (and for any
cynics, no this is not disingenuous).  

But this raises the issue, that anyone who would like to make a
contribution to the TIG is welcome/encouraged to do so, as the
connection costs run $746/month for the partial T1 and IP space.

At the Fun Night during NAB on Tuesday, April 20, I'll have
high-quality TIG T Shirts available at a "show special" price, if
anyone has a crisp twenty left.

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