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-announce day, spam redux, etc.

As my former neighbor Bob Kertesz in sunny Bronson Canyon helpfully
pointed out a few minutes ago, today was '-announce' day at the TIG,
as there was a misconfiguration that caused the telecine-announce
digest to go out in a strange way.  Thanks also to the ineffable
Catherine Pantazopoulos in snowy Canada for pointing it out..  anyway,
last night I spent about 6 hours upgrading the whole package of
mailinglist code and intermediate MTA on alegria.com, incorporating
more robust antispam measures; the upgrade wouldn't normally take that
long, but we have a highly customized installation with just about
every controlling file modified.  The diffs on the three linked TIG
lists (main list, digested version, and -announce digest) take up an
entire directory of their own... I had thought, when finally to bed at
1:30 AM, that everything was happening, but I'd missed a couple of
things- one was that the announce-digest had happily reverted to its
stock manner of sending messages as attachments.  Anybody with a
non-MIME-aware MUA would probably have seen a blank digest.

Any subscriber who wasn't able to read the announce-digest --the
commercial portion of our TIG-- is welcome to read the recent messages
that will load at the top of this URL:
...indeed, all -announce messages from its inception are there for all
to read.  There are two messages-- an announcement from
Pandora/Philips, and an ad from the Post Group.  I'm aware that a few
people would prefer the digests in 'attachment-mode', but not long ago
the majority still preferred them to go out as one message.

As of 21:00 CST, I'm still seeing spam knocking on the doors of all
hosts here from j.h3 at virgin.net with various exhortations to use
"Mandy's International Film and TV blah blah blah".  As several other
TIG subscribers (those whose addresses were harvested from the TIG
website) are also receiving this spam, I certainly wouldn't mind if
this company weren't to benefit from such tactics.  If you do receive
this spam, a complaint to the technical contact for virgin.net--
ops at london.virgin.net --may help.  Could it be that I'll have to
password-protect the TIG pages?  Hope not.

TIG admin

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