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Questions regarding CEEFAX and AATON

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Hello people at TIG, I have some doubts regarding items on my subject
and I thought anybody in this Telecine forum could reply me. My first
questions is regarding specifications for Teletext CEEFAX and technical
document EBU SPB492, can anybody tell me anything about this document or
where can I find it?. Also regarding Teletext. If I send a Videotape
which has lines #10 and #323 not blanked, will this avoid anybody can
record subtitling information on these lines? My second question is
about Evertz's AATONCODE reader, is there any problem with them? I read
something about it on TIG pages but is rather old -from 1995-, does
anybody have any more recent experience about it? You can reply me to
madrid-lab at mad.servicom.es we are a film lab.

Thank you all

Javier Lopez

	Javier Lopez

Avda de los Madroņos 25
    28043 MADRID
Tel. (+34) 91 748 95 00
Fax  (+34) 91 300 26 78
                               44 88
email: madrid-lab at mad.servicom.es

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