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hereby forwarding a plea from Cairo:

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---- Begin included message ----
Film & Video
3, Aboul Feda St.
Zamalek - Cairo
Tel :  202 - 3321 - 850
         202 - 3321 - 860
Fax :  202 - 3321 - 870
e-mail : info at karisma-tk.com
web site : www.karisma-tk.com

Dear sir ,
We would like to introduce ourselfs:  KARISMA TELECINE , the first
high-end post production in the Middle East and Arab World.

KARISMA is equipped with an URSA DIAMOND and a da Vinci Renaissance
We are seeking to expand our services by including in the very near
future our own film developing labs.
We were hoping for your mutual cooperation by telling us  information
for starting a decent developing lab that includes the equipment and
materials necessary for developing of cinema films .
We also had some questions,  is there a difference between the 16mm &
super 16mm  in the process , materials and equipment needed for
developing it ? also regarding the 35mm & super 35mm.

If you can help us with these questions we would really appreciate it
very much . If you cannot then we would really appreciate if you send us

e-mail addresses of people that you recommend we can contact .
Thank you very much for your cooperation .

Ziad Ammar
junior colorist

---- End included message ----