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Fernseh Telecine Unit

Peter, I'm forwarding your message to the TIG at large, perhaps
someone will be able to help.

On 1999-03-09 at 07:19, Peter Ricketts (psm at net-tech.com.au) wrote:

Dear Sir,
             Can anyone assist me.....I am restoring an old "Fernseh"
flying spot scanner black and white unit, originally installed in
television station HSV7 Melbourne Australia in 1956. I am having some
success in the restoration and have most of the valves I need etc. but
what I require most is a service manual or wiring diagram as it is
almost impossible to proceed any further without one, any advice on
this unit or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
              Thanking you,
                    Peter Ricketts.  psm at net-tech.com.au

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