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Re: Report of UE (was Re: spammer j.h3 at virgin.net)

TIG subscribers who were spammed by j.h3 at virgin.net for "Mandy's" will
be pleased to hear:

Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you for your report of unsolicited email that originated from our domain.

We have identified the account holder and have disconnected an account
following these findings.
We at Virgin Net do not condone unsolicited commercial email at all and it
is against our Terms and Conditions that all of our subscribers agree to at

If you do receive any further emails that appear to have come from Virgin
Net, please forward them to abuse at virgin.net, where we can take prompt and
appropriate action.

Thanks again for your report of this incident, and I do hope this restores
confidence for you in our service.

Yours Sincerely,

Martyn Kelly
Virgin Net AUP Administrator

Virgin.Net Abuse (abuse at virgin.net)
Telephone: 0845 650 00 00 (24hrs)

Terms and Conditions of Virgin Net:

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