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Electronic Cinema Projection Announced

To the TIG:

The following is two press releases for the release of the next Star
Wars via Electronic Cinema Projection.  This will follow by about a
month the normal film roll out that will happen in May.  As you can see
in the following there will two theaters using the TI DLP Technology and
four theaters using the Hughes-JVC technology.  Locations to be
announced later.  As is already known special telecine transfers are
being made for release to these projectors.  Modified gamma
characteristics and different black levels are used.  The technology is
here to make this possible but is the business model one that is
        Regards,  Bill Hogan      Sprocket Digital


HD TVGuide
March 11, 1999

News As It Happens From HD TVGuide


Texas Instruments announced today that its innovative
Digital Light Processing projector technology has been
selected as a participant in a truly ground-breaking event which will
provide a vital glimpse into the future of movie presentation.

TI's DLP Cinema(tm) projector technology will be featured in a
digital electronic cinema demonstration of a new movie from Lucasfilm
Ltd., Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, in two locations
beginning June 18, 1999. This will be the first public demonstration
of a full-length motion picture from a major studio using digital
electronic projectors in movie theatres to replace the normal film

"This is both an enormous honor and a significant achievement for
us," said Bob England, Senior Vice President and Manager of TI's
Digital Imaging division. "It is an honor for us to be chosen by
Lucasfilm to participate in an entertainment event for which millions
of people have been waiting for a long time. It is a significant
achievement because it demonstrates that we are within reach of
achieving our goal -- that DLP Cinema technology delivers an on-screen
image which rivals and perhaps even surpasses film."

"We have been working with the movie industry on the concept of
digital cinema for several years," said Paul Breedlove, DLP Cinema
Program Director for TI's Digital Imaging division. "The approach
we've taken can best be described as one of rapid prototyping and
collaboration. To be selected to participate in this enormously
prestigious event indicates that we have made a great deal of
progress. Over the past few months, we've demonstrated to small,
select gatherings of industry insiders the sharp, stable, realistic
images of which DLP is capable -- but the decision by Lucasfilm to
sponsor this digital electronic cinema demonstration will enable movie
audiences to see the future of movie presentation for themselves."

Film has reigned supreme for movie presentation for the last
hundred years. However, Texas Instruments believes that DLP Cinema
projector technology will reinvent movie presentation for the next

Movie distributors have recurring issues with the physical
distribution of film; the high cost of film prints, the number of film
prints needed, reduction of piracy and cost effective management of
distribution. Digital technology provides potential answers to many of
these issues through the use of known encryption techniques and
distribution via satellite or optical disks.

Additionally, the challenge for today's movie theatre owners is
that the movie-going experience is a memorable one -- especially in
the face of increased competition from digital and high definition
television. A key advantage of using digital projection technology is
not only the high quality natural image, but that the last showing is
as good as the first. Digital technology will also allow movie theater
owners to maximize their investment by, for example, offering live
screenings of major sporting events.

Texas Instruments believes that, as the only all-digital
projection/display technology currently in commercial production, DLP
is the 'natural' projection technology in the digital future of
cinema: the digital fidelity and digital stability of DLP Cinema
technology offers many advantages to everyone involved with movies,
from creators to audiences.

"We believe," said Paul Breedlove, "that people will look back on
this digital electronic cinema demonstration as the event that started
the transition to digital electronic projection in theatres. Of
course, there is still a significant amount of systems level work to
be done as we move from a demonstration such as this to actually
seeing digital cinema become an everyday reality -- but it's certainly
conceivable that within two to three years there could be hundreds of
DLP Cinema projectors in place, and perhaps thousands within three to
five years."

Today, TI supplies DLP subsystems to more than twenty-five of the
world's top projector manufacturers, who then design, manufacture and
market DLP-based projectors. Over the past three years, DLP-based
projectors have consistently won some of the audio-visual industry's
most prestigious awards, including, in June 1998, an Emmy Award from
the American Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Since shipments
began in early 1996, TI has delivered over 130,000 DLP subsystems to
its customers. There are now over fifty DLP-based products in the

At the heart of TI's DLP Cinema projector technology is an
optical semiconductor chip that has an array of 1,300,000 (SXGA)
mirrors. These tiny mirrors operate as optical switches to create a
high resolution, full color image.

Digital Projection of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Dateline LA March 11, 1999

Marking the first
time in motion picture history that a widely released feature film
will be made available to theatergoers via digital projection,
CineComm Digital Cinema, the industry's leading force in the
end-to-end digital delivery and projection of motion pictures, has
announced an agreement with Lucasfilm Ltd. to provide digital
projection for Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace.

The agreement was announced jointly by CineComm chairman/CEO
Michael Targoff and Lucasfilm president Gordon Radley.

Digital projection of Episode I will take place beginning June
18, with CineComm to provide its Digital Cinema system's Hughes-JVC
Projector initially on four screens in two cities, exact locations to
be determined. The company will work closely with Lucasfilm to ensure
the highest standards of quality in transferring the finished film to
CineComm's digital system.

Commenting on the agreement, Targoff stated, "We are thrilled not
only to be working with George Lucas, but as part of the most
anticipated motion picture of the decade. Twenty years ago Star Wars
represented the leading edge in film production technology, and we are
honored to provide this much-awaited `prequel' with a concomitant
level of technology in its theatrical exhibition."

The alliance was announced in Las Vegas at 1999 ShoWest, the
annual forum for film exhibitors and distributors, where CineComm
hosted a demonstration of Digital Cinema that was viewed by over 3,000
motion picture executives, exhibitors and filmmakers. These screenings
followed a similar event that took place last month at the Writers
Guild of America Theatre in Beverly Hills, where hundreds of studio
executives, producers, directors, agents and members of the creative
community viewed CineComm's technology for the first time.

CineComm Digital Cinema represents a new paradigm in the
end-to-end electronic delivery and projection of first-run theatrical
motion pictures to theaters across the globe. Working in tandem with
world's leading technology providers Hughes-JVC Technology (a wholly
owned subsidiary of Japan Victor Corp.) and QUALCOMM Incorporated
(Nasdaq:QCOM), filmmakers and studios, CineComm Digital Cinema will
replace a century-old tradition of celluloid with a cost-effective
system that delivers first-run film quality, reduces piracy and
provides maximum flexibility in distribution.

CineComm Digital Cinema is based in Los Angeles.

SOURCE: Business Wire

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