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(fwd) HD TV News...

the following was forwarded to me.. personally, I think it's a litttle
skewed, and I don't believe that last part of it either, though how
much of my own thinking is wishful I'm not sure.  

Could it be that as it has with many other 'digital' technologies,
feature film quality will suffer in the name of economics-- quantity,
and ease of distribution?  

(thanks to David Warner of Crawford Communications for the following)

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HD TVGuide
March 12, 1999

Stars Wars will be digital. George Lucas having already driven a nail
in the coffin of traditional Hollywood motion picture distribution
earlier today, follows up by announcing "Episode II" of the Star Wars
Prequel Marathon, will be shot exclusively with digital cameras. So
long film.

Perhaps Hollywood can hear the dirge playing now?

Great events shall soon unfold in the world of HDTV.

Stay tuned to the HD TVGuide for the latest.

Until Next Issue:

Howard V. Barton
HDTV: A New Set of Eyes

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