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SMPTE-LA-Wednesday, March 17,1999

Yes it is St. Patrick's Day and instead of Driving snakes out of Ireland
or drinking warm or green beer we in LA LA land (Hollywood) are having a
SMPTE meeting.  The subject is HDTV/DTV.  This includes broadcasting,
production and  post production.  Both the technical and the economic
aspects will be covered.  Also a major demonstration is planned.

The details follow:

Starting at 6 pm and running to 8 pm there will be a display and demo
of  true HDTV broadcasting.  Not decoding of NTSC and upconvertion but
real High Definition original material.  3 LA stations will be providing
full HDTV signals.  This will include both original film and video
KCBS-2/DTV channel 60    1080i material
KTLA-5/DTV channel 31       1080i material
KABC-7/DTV channel 53      720p material

Also channel 4-KNBC/DTV channel 36 and channel 13-KCOP/DTV channel 66
will be transmitting upconverted NTSC material.  These off air DTV
signals will be displayed on Sony and Panasonic consumer and post
production displays.  Also a 16x9 computer display with very fine dot
pitch will be available to display the full resolution capability of
these transmissions.  Representatives from the stations and Sony and
Panasonic will be on site to answer questions.  These displays are
representative of the state of consumer products today.

As an added bonus to the demo Paul Klamer and Gary Morse of Warner Bros
Video Operations will be demonstrating 24P material.  You will be able
to observe display of the same 24P material (film original) displayed
in   Progressive at 48P, 60P and 72P.  This demo was on hand at the
December SMPTE 24 Frame Day and is very interesting for what it
demonstrates about the choices available for displaying 24 Frame
Progressive Post Production Masters.

This demonstration will start at 6 pm and conclude at 8 pm when the
technical presentations and panel discussion will start.

Highlights of this session chaired by Horace Scott of KCET includes:
***George Hamilton  of NBC describing the plans and equipment for the
production of the Jay Leno Tonight Show in HDTV.  This will start in the
next few months.
***Dan Sullivan of CBS outlining the plans for post production of
programs and promos at CBS Television City.
***Larry Chernoff of Encore/4MC speaking of their plans for HDTV post
production and film transfers.
***Terry Brown of Laser Pacific reporting on their experience and plans
for the coming year including the 24P post production.
***Serveral Local Station Chief Engineers telling of the trials, plans
and experiences of the start of HDTV broadcasting.
***My arm was twisted to speak on something or other and to put together
the demonstration.

Bring a sandwich, enjoy the demo, ask questions and stay for the
presentations and panel discussion.  All this takes place at the Autry
Museum of Western Heritage at Griffith Park near the intersection of I-5
and the 134 Freeways.  Wednesday, March 17, 1999.

Thanks to Gary Wessenberger of Tube Enhancement for support in 1999
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