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Re: Film wars

On 1999-03-17 at 12:24, Asa Shoul (asa.shoul at framestore.co.uk) wrote:

> know if cinema chains plan to throw away their projectors and buy
> digital display devices 

My understanding from Bill Hogan's posting of the HDTV Guide's
release on Electronic Cinema Projection
(http://www.alegria.com/telecine/mhonarc/1999/msg00327.html) is that
DLP projector technology is coming to theatres.  See as well
--an article in the New York Times summarizing the technology and its

> Also one would just like to ask why he wants to go the Digital
> camera route; 

this is the part that's surprising to me, as most people feel there's
still a significant difference in the look of the capture medium, film
vs. video.


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