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Annual NAB reminder

As you wander the halls at NAB this year making those purchasing
decisions, try to keep in mind which equipment manufacturers also operate
telecine, editing, graphics, and/or audio centers that are now (or will
soon be) in direct competition with the facility where you work.

It only takes a weekend to turn a "Technology Demo Center" into a full
online facility (with a budget and overhead) looking for clients. And
scoffing at their personnel or expertise is only meaningful if the facility
stays empty of clients. As soon as their rooms are working at all, the
ripple effect will impact your business. 

Remember, those equipment manufacturers who also operate facilities take
money directly out of your pocket by doing so, and buying their hardware
for use in your facility only makes them stronger. It is good business to
seek out alternatives.


Bob Kertesz
BlueScreen LLC

The Ultimate in ULTIMATTE compositing.  
For details, visit http://www.bluescreen.com

Thanks to Gary Wessenberger of Tube Enhancement for support in 1999
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