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RE: Annual NAB reminder

I am assuming you are, in part, referring to the Sony Hi-Def and
Matsushita/Universal HD Centers in your comments about manufacturers
competing in the post business.  If so, I think you should know the nature
of the relationships these facilities have with their parent companies.  

Both of these facilities are required to stand on their own merit.  They
have P/L considerations just like anyone else. They also have to buy their
equipment (most often without benefit of discounts extended to most post
houses) the same as any other post facility.  This puts them in the same
competitive position as anyone else in the business.  Other than the
marginal advantage of the parent company's write off of R&D efforts in the
early years of operation, these facilities literally have no specific
economic advantage over any other competitor.  

The primary purpose for these facilities existing in the first place was to
break ground where ground needed to be broken.  The entire post industry has
gone to school by watching these facilities struggle through the early days
of implementation and application of new technologies.  Their efforts have
also expedited third party R&D efforts necessary for the development of full
operating systems.  Had these facilities not been operating these past
several years, the industry as a whole would be that much further behind the
development curve, and thus be struggling even more than they already are to
meet the growing DTV demand.  

The parent companies of these facilities are not interested in dominating
the post industry.  They are interested in promoting technologies and
opening new markets, primarily for consumer product sales.  If they are
successful, and these new markets develop sooner rather than later,
everybody benefits.  

In my opinion, the industry should be thanking these pioneers who bit the
bullet, took their loses in the early years, and paved the way for the rest
of the industry to follow.  

Rick Harding

> Subject: 	[TIG] Annual NAB reminder
> As you wander the halls at NAB this year making those purchasing
> decisions, try to keep in mind which equipment manufacturers also operate
> telecine, editing, graphics, and/or audio centers that are now (or will

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