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Re: Annual NAB reminder

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999 10:13:32 -0800, you wrote:
>I am assuming you are, in part, referring to the Sony Hi-Def and
>Matsushita/Universal HD Centers in your comments about manufacturers
>competing in the post business.  
Amongst others. Kodak/Cineon also comes to mind. 
>The primary purpose for these facilities existing in the first place was to
>break ground where ground needed to be broken.  
What kind of ground is being broken by manufacturer owned facilities
lowballing overnight dailies? Doing pick-and-shovel three machine editing?
Selling standard audio sweetening?
>these facilities literally have no specific
>economic advantage over any other competitor.  
The thing that should stick in people's throats is that while some vendor
is trying to sell them two million dollars worth of new technology, that
same vendor is outfitting their own facility with the same equipment, and
will be bidding directly against the buyer for the same clients. And I
don't care that the vendor's facility pays the same for the equipment as
the buyer. That's not the point.

The point is, one shouldn't have to get off the phone after losing a big
job while hearing "I've decided to go with Xxxx because their bid was so
much lower than yours," then walk into the machine room and see 27 Xxxx
branded machines sitting there idle because Xxxx just lowballed the job. 

If you buy Yyyyyyy branded machines instead, at least you know you haven't
helped Xxxx beat the crap out of you with your own money. And that's the
final point. You want to compete in the post business? No problem. Just do
it without my help or money.

And finally, the manufacturers should note this: 

Every year, after I post my little reminder, I receive at least a dozen
private emails from list members and their bosses pointing out how pissed
off they are at having to compete with vendors, and how they work very hard
at not buying from them whenever possible. The number of emails I get
increases each year.


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