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Re: HD parallel to serial converter

At 11:08 AM 3/22/99 EST, you wrote:
>Does anyone out there have info on who makes HD parallel to serial
>Michael Brebes
>The Post Group
Yem, Astro Systems, and Panasonic make HD parallel to serial converters. By
the way, it is important to be aware that there are three different pinouts
of 50 pin serial cables:  Philips/Sony 10 bit, Panasonic 10 bit, and
"generic" 8 bit.  The 8 bit version grounds pins used in the 10 bit
version. The Sony/Philips differ from the Panasonic in the pin assignments
for the LSBs and some of the grounds.  Properly wired cables are essential.
Yem makes a PSC292M that has two Parallel to Serial converters in one box
(great for feeding a daVinci 2K) it also supports all anticipated potential
formats (like 1080 24P).  So far, I've found the Yem to be the most cost
effective and best performing option.

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