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Telecine rental

If you can help James in re his request below, please reply directly
to him or be sure to cc: his address of jmcoyle0 at hq.pacom.mil, as he
is not currently subscribed to the TIG, thank you very much.



	I am the Special Projects Director of Joint Task Force - Full
Accounting, the U.S. Government agency responsible for carrying out
government policy to achieve the fullest possible accounting of
American personnel who remain unaccounted-for from the Second
Indochina War.  Among the projects for which I have been given
responsibility is the transfer of wartime film negatives currently
held in the Lao National Film Archives and Video Center to positive
videotape, so that our analysts can review the tapes for information
of value to our mission.

	The Lao recently informed us that they would not be willing to
allow their films to be transferred out of Laos for conversion.
Consequently, we are now exploring options to make a telecine
conversion in Laos.  From what I have learned thus far on this
project, the cost of telecine equipment is far beyond our budget.
What I hope members of the TIG can tell me is whether it would be
possible for us to rent such equipment for the duration of this
project (approximately 500,000 feet of negative film), and if so, how
much such a rental would cost.  Any information you could provide
would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

James M. Coyle
Special Projects Director
Joint Task Force - Full Accounting
Box 64044
Camp H.M. Smith, HI  96861
e-mail:  jmcoyle0 at hq.pacom.mil
tel:  (808) 477-2301

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