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Re: Source for Sony SBX1602A Serial to Parallel chip??

As a follow up to the follow up:

>As an aside, I was quite surprised by the number of people (at least half a
>dozen) who wrote to say that the Sony part failed in their plants on a
>regular basis ("by the fistful around here" is how one person put it). 
In the interest of balance, allow me to quote from a note from the Product
Marketing Manager at an equipment manufacturer saying the following:

"As a major user of the Sony serial chips I would like to say that we have
experienced NO (that means zero) failures in the field in the several
thousand chips we have shipped over the course of the six years we have
used them.  Before that, I had personally shipped the first and
subsequently  hundreds of the Miranda serializers using this chip and
also suffered zero failures.  I believe that Miranda have suffered no
undue failures with this chip in the SER product range.  This is a well
known reliable chip and the whole digital  industry is foundered on it."

He went on to say:

"This chip is very sensitive to the actual circuits around that make up
the serial/parallel route and is particularly sensitive to power
variations requiring a clean -5v signal.  I would point to the design
rather than the chip if there is an undue failure rate. I notice no one is
talking about which equipment these chips are failing in although this is
the major factor.  I would therefore have to say that this criticism is
unfair to Sony and users who lose these chips should be looking at the
boards they are installed in rather then the chip itself."

And finally:

"Please note also that this is not an official statement by (my employer)
but a personal observation based upon my experience with digital

So, how about it? 

What sorts of brands are y'all experiencing failures in?

Does the chip suck, or is it a circuit design problem?


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