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Re: Re: Source for Sony SBX1602A Serial to Parallel chip??

In a message dated 03/26/1999 23:39:34, you wrote:

<<So, how about it? 

What sorts of brands are y'all experiencing failures in?

Does the chip suck, or is it a circuit design problem?

Just a story to relate about computers and being picky about power. I once was
working with a motion control computer that went down, the electronics expert
spent 5 days checking every component of the machine. Boards were sent to the
service person for testing ( they all passed). After the fifth day I asked him
if he had checked the power on an occiliscope as he had said he would do on
day one. He replied he had forgotten to because the voltage was at exactly +
and - 5 volts on his RMS meter. Next day in comes the scope, One hour later in
comes a new Capacitor ( a very inexpensive component), two minutes after the
capacitor is installed, I'm programming moves.

Hope it was an entertaining story.

Steven Gladstone
Brooklyn Based Cinematographer

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