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Re: Source for Sony SBX1602A Serial to Parallel chip??

Graham Collett wrote:

And Asked about the SBX1602A Chips versus the SBX1602 (no A version).  I
had SBX1602A Chips since late 1989 and delivered product since 1990. 
Having all the original documentation from Sony there never was a
product called just a plain SBX1602.  There may have been some Thomson
delivered chips that were labeled as STV1602's but I don't believe so.

Some have written lengthy comments about the failures of these chips. 
Having been using these chips since 1989 THEY DO FAIL.  The failure
mechanism is not a hard failure but a soft failure were the error rate
gets too high and you see sparkles in the picture.  One manufacturer
that also uses these chips has the facility to look inside a failed chip
and has described a green or purple color to the failed chip's inside

As far as the Thomson chips are concerned in the early days of Thomson
delivery  they were buying the inside substrate and packaging the chips
in France at their foundry.  Many of these chips were just as bad.  Have
not had too much experience with later batches from France.  Thomson was
going to manufacturer the entire chip under license from Sony but do not
know if they fully followed through on this plan.

The Sony/Thomson chip runs extremely hot.  Other manufacturers later
built SMPTE RP259 chips and used different chip technologies (lower
power, etc.) to do the same functions.  Most were successful but this
chip is very difficult to build.  It combines an analog front end with a
digital back end.  This all running at up to 270 Megabits/Second.  Other
manufactures chose to divide the functions up and make a separate cable
equalizer and a separate descrambler.  They used newer chip technology
that used less power.  I do not believe that anyone has made a new
design  in many years with this chip. (maybe Sony)

It was a marginal design from the start and differed greatly from batch
to batch.  Many of the newer parts are not as good as the chips of 6 or
8 years ago.  Of a major concern is how long this chip is going to be
supported by Sony and Thomson.  Maybe for self preservation they will
continue to build it for some time to come.  The quote from the person
that said they had never seen this part fail is the same person who says
to you that no one else is having your problem--That is until you speak
to your friends across town.

Regards, Bill Hogan	Sprocket Digital

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