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RE: Source for Sony SBX1602A Serial to Parallel chip??

> > ...before I believe that Sony is
> > making bad chips by the hundreds, I would point my finger at the
> circuit,
> > board or product in which they are used. 
	Not having looked at the data sheet for the SBX1602A chips, I don't
know if their temperature and/or power supply voltage limits are any more
stringent than for similar parts made by other manufacturers.  I will say,
however, that I've seen *many* of the Sony parts fail in products made by
different manufacturers (Ampex, Miranda, etc..).  I have only seen one
occasion of a failure of a serializer or deserializer chip made by Gennum
(the Other Leading Brand), and that was on a breadboard that may well have
succumbed to scope-probe slippage, soldering without remembering to shut off
the power, etc...

	Hans Lehmann
Encore, Hollywood

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