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Re: Source for Sony SBX1602A Serial to Parallel chip??

> Not having looked at the data sheet for ...

I don't have a datasheet for the Sony part, but I do for the Gennum
equivalent (which I've used before).  The parameters that trigger an alarm
in my head are the typical dissipation of 650 mW and typical current of 160

The first tells me to not even think about running this chip without
suitable cooling and/or heat-sinking.  The second would make me use multiple
bypass and current-source capacitors (very high quality, low ESR
electrolytics, like you would use on a SMPS design).  I would also use very,
very fat power traces to the chip or --in a more likely scenario-- power and
ground layers on a muli-layer board.

I do know that, on well-known serializer/deserializer boxes, cutting a nice
big hole right over the Sony chip and installing "CPU Coolers" on them makes
the boxes infinetly more reliable and the Sony chips rarely fail again.

Maybe the Sony I.C.'s dissipate more than their competitor's products???
That could explain it.

In the end we all have to keep the show going.  So, if another chip is more
reliable --whatever the reason might be-- you got to use it.  Nobody cares
about deep and wide theories and technologies, all that matters is that the
video keep flowing.  Maybe it would be good if all manufacturers lived by
this and built-in superior reliability into their products.  In the
trenches, that's almost all that matters.

-Martin Euredjian
 Telecine Engineer
 Todd AO / Hollywood Digital
 martin at hollydig.com
 martinfx at msn.com

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