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Re: Source for Sony SBX1602A Serial to Parallel chip??aka frying chips!

> I notice you specify the "A" at the end. We have had lots of
>problems with the 1602's but few problems with the 1602A's.
> Does this tally with everyone else ?

I have three broken Miranda SER-100D (SDI de-serialisers) on my bench.
They all have the Thompson STV1602A chip within all run very hot and take
0.5A current from  a -5V supply.
However we do have 20 others doing sterling service, so they're not that

I spoke to someone at Metawave in the UK, who services Alpha-Image kit and
he's changed hundreds of these chips over the past few years. He say's that
the early SPX 1602-01 chip was replaced by the 1602-A and that it had some
different pin functions. He only fits Thompson as he reckons there more
You can buy them in the UK from DT Electronics Tel:(0)1203 466500 fax
(0)1203 466501 at 58.35 UKPounds in small quantity.
Today they had 100 in stock.

Now does anybody have any stories about the EQ-45 card on Sony's Digi-Beta,
particularly the GXA82360 chips that cook themselves........

Geoff Cooper
Molinare, London

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