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Re: C-Reality

>There hasn't been much on the TIG lately about end-users 
> experiences; we would like to hear from you.

The problem about lot's of bandwidth about any product on this forum leads
to assumptions that people are biased and are after free advertising. Kind
of "whose team are you on" syndrome also. This is why I have resisted many
postings. I get sick of defending myself simply because we don't follow the
pack. I will choose any brand of product if it is the right tool for the
job. Bruce, you are welcome to visit Rushes in London and see for yourself a
C-Reality being used constantly on high end commercials work with, in our
and our clients and peers opinion, terrific results.
Words can be vacuous, seeing is believing.
I can't speak for any other user or system installed. I am speaking from a
single user perspective.
At NAB there will be a booklet showing work scanned on C-Reality to show the
caliber of work it is being used for.
Bring your own film, I don't need to sell you a telecine.
It's wonderful to have such a great choice.

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