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Re: C-Reality

I guess this falls into the 'Oh-give-me-a-break' catagory.  Paul Grace said it well that we are all responsible for chosing technology that we believe will meet our clients requirements. No one should be paying this kind of money for these devices because it's the current trend.

Those that chose the Philips solution did so for reasons that made sense to them at the time. Granted, there was not many choices. Now there are choices and those that choose Cintel, Sony, Philips, or whatever, do so with specific criteria in mind for their own market. At Universal (as I posted a couple of weeks ago) we made our evaluations of the current technologies, chose and have installed a HD C-Reality. We are liking it more every day. We have made tremendous looking pictures and are pleased with our decision. If fact, we have just ordered our second C-R!

There was a facility here in LA that had an 'Alpha' unit C-Reality that was exchanged for a  production model. That facility can speak for themselves if they so desire. This may be where the rumor started. As far as I know, the handful of C-R recipients in town are very pleased with the choice they made.

It is a healthy thing to have competing technologies in any industry, that is how the product quality is constantly improved.

Ron Martin
High Definition Telecine Center
Universal Studios

Bruce Carlson wrote:

There is a rumor going around (no it wasn't in the National Enquirer) that at least one west coast house has taken their C-Reality out of service and may be returning it.  Inquiring minds want to know, what's up with this?
As a facility which continues to evaluate the development of this product, we are interested in hearing about the experiences of early users of the C-Reality.  There hasn't been much on the TIG lately about end-users experiences; we would like to hear from you.