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Re: C-Reality

Ron Martin wrote:
> I guess this falls into the 'Oh-give-me-a-break' catagory.  Paul Grace
> said it well that we are all responsible for chosing technology that
> we believe will meet our clients requirements.


I think Ron has hit on a very salient point here. There is no single
technological answer for all markets. My commercial work contains signal
excursions that would make Ron's feature mastering clients shudder. My
images would never pass domestic QC. Likewise, DVD, episodic, and rock
and roll markets also have their own peculiarities. Many of us are lucky
enough to have access to many technological avenues for evaluation. We
have learned some solutions work better than others in a given
situation. Personally, I'd love a combination of feature sets on my
perfect scanner. Until then, I like what works the best in my commercial
world. But if I'd never sampled the competition, then I wouldn't sleep
as well as I do now.

I will say that there is a tremendous shake out happening in our craft.
Our business is changing in such fundamental ways, that to rely on
traditional models and technologies is certain death. My client base,
work ethics, and attitude have all had to change in addition to the
technologies presented recently. If nothing else, I've learned to adapt
or die. I hope certain manufacturers don't learn this lesson the hard

In the thick of it.

Bob Festa			festa at encorevideo.com
Director of Advanced Imaging	festa at pacbell.net
Encore Santa Monica		310 656 7663

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