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Re: NAB Registration Deadline

A number of people had asked me for a registration code for NAB, and
Bill Hogan had sent this message earlier today:

On 1999-04-01 at 09:27, Bill Hogan (bhogan at sprocketdigital.com) wrote:

This Friday(April 2, 1999) is the deadline for NAB pre-registration to
get your free exhibits badge mailed back to you.  After this date until
April 14 you can register via the Web and pick up your badge in Las
Vegas.  After April 14 you must register at NAB by standing in line.
When asked for the entry code use the following:   JK69

For registration on the Web go to:  http://www.nab.org/conventions/     
or directly to the registration form at: 


Regards, Bill Hogan  Sprocket Digital

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