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Re: TIG graphics help?

Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> I'm in need of a bit of help from someone who has a few minutes with
> Photoshop and is familiar with dpi and absolute image size.
> format/byte order: Mac
> 1/3 page, 4 13/16" W x 2 5/8" H
> Photoshop 300 DPI TIFF or EPS (CMYK or Grayscale; for this, Grayscale
>   is fine)
When I open your ".tiff" file in Photoshop, and select "Image Size", it says
it's 7.236"W x 4.903" H which at 72dpi resolution is 521x353 pixels. Changing
the image size to 2.625"H makes the width 3.875", and changing the resolution
to 300dpi results in an image 1162x788 pixels. If the width MUST be 4-13/16",
you can set this independently from the width by UNchecking "Preserve
Proportions" in the "Image Size" window.

Hope this helps.
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