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Re: New Sony 24sF format

On Apr 5, 11:54pm, Deanan DaSilva wrote:

> Does anyone know the details of the new
> Sony 24sF progressive HD format and
> how they're splitting up the frame

	That's a good question to get a very political answer from Sony
regarding why 48sf(segmented frame) is different from 48i(interlaced)<g>.
	Personally, I view it as being very similar to doing a 24f transfer to
a D-1 with the off-speed mod running at 48hz PAL. Each film frame is
transferred to one video frame composed of two fields (one with the even lines,
one with odd). Now if you scale that up from 720x625 lines to 1920x1080 lines
that sounds very similar to the way Sony describes their approach to 24p where
they take the odd lines for one field (oops, make that frame segment) and the
even lines for the other field (darn, did it again!). This allows them to store
a progressive frame while allowing display in an interlaced format for
monitoring (for most of the multiscan monitors 48hz is close enough to 50hz to
	In short, the only difference between 48sf and 48i is in the image
capture process - if you start with a progressive frame like film then call it
48hz segmented frame, if you start with a non-progressive camera then call it
interlaced because the two fields are captured independently (eg you can see
the motion between fields).

Rich Torpey

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