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Re: New Sony 24sF format

On Apr 6,  1:29pm, John Sprung wrote:

> Interlace requires that the vertical resolution be limited
> to prevent small area flicker or twitter -- the buzzing
> edges of venetian blinds, for instance.  Sony uses the term
> "segmented" to mean that that isn't done, so you get the
> full progressive resolution, and you get to keep on using
> the legacy interlace equipment with this non-vertically-
> limited signal.  But if you look at it on an interlaced
> display, it will flicker like crazy.

	Again, that comes from the image capture process - not the recording
process. I mentioned that if you start with progressive material you can
display it for monitoring purposes on an interlaced monitor but perhaps I
should have emphasized that when viewed on an interlaced monitor it would of
course be subject to interlace artifacts like twitter.

Rich Torpey

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