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RE: New Sony 24sF format

	>>Regarding sF, one has to wonder exactly what purpose is being
served.  If
	>>the final product is going to be interlaced, there is little point
	>>carrying the added vertical detail information of progressive
video through
	>>a recording and distribution chain just to throw it away at the
display end.
	>>On the other hand, if you want to preserve the quality by staying
	>>progressive, wouldn't it be preferrable to have a system made for
	>>purpose, rather than trying to compress it through existing
	>>designed to handle the lower bandwidth requirements of interlaced

	The purpose is to get 24p capability to the market a lot quicker,
which is a good thing. Apparently the writing speed of the current HDCam
design can handle the segmented frame approach, whereas a continuous write
of progressive 1080 frames will require a redesign of the machine. The final
product (of this machine) is not interlaced, it is simply reassembled as a
progressive frame in a buffer before output. Video recording devices have
used versions of segmented framing for years: 2 inch quad, 2 inch IVC 9000,
and 1 inch Type B all used this approach. As does D1.

	I'm quite sure Sony and whoever else chooses to participate will
make an all new format for progressive 1080 recording in the future. This
is, in fact, their stated intent. I'm also sure that they will, within the
next 24 months or so, also introduce a 1500 or so line format, a 2K format,
and probably a 2.5 or 3K format. This is the nature of electronic
imaging...... obsoleting "standards" within a very short time frame. It's
also why I value film so highly. And why I question anyone who's buying into
the idea that currently proposed HD formats will be with us for any extended
length of time.

	Mike Most

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