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Re: C-Reality

Hi, I think Rushes and Complete are very courageous to go for an
alternative route, and in fact, considering the number of Spirits in town,
if I were to expand our telecine department now, I would play the
difference.  People who over-advertise their equipment are usually the ones
who are not sure they made the right choice and the right investment and
need to justify it, the fact that Paul grace remained so silent gives me
trust in what he says. There is no big fuss about C-Reality here in London,
just comments that make me want to know more about it. There is no "client
brainwashing" from our competitors using different products and I thank
them for that, it makes my job easier, I have no time to spend to prove
clients that everything is not just black or white, we know from experience
which machine is the best for a particular situation. I don't know how it
is for you guys but our good old Ursa is still doing the same kind of high
end work than our Spirit. And to answer Mr Festa, yes I have also learned
that what is in theory forbidden, or use equipment a way it has never been
designed for, is often the only way to get the desired result on the screen
or you always end up doing the same stuff and yes, die. The best way to
remain creative is certainly not to think one way.

JC Soret

> From: Paul Grace <paul at firstart.co.uk>
> postings. I get sick of defending myself simply because we don't follow
> pack. I will choose any brand of product if it is the right tool for the
> job. 

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