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Re: New Sony 24sF format

> The purpose is to get 24p capability to the market a lot quicker,
>which is a good thing.

Why?  Why not wait and do it right?  Does anyone have clients knocking down
doors to do limited spatial and color resolution work?  Will they (clients)
undersand what they are buying into if they make that choice?
Compared to film any and all of these formats are nothing more than a
compromise based on what is technologically and economically achievable

>I'm also sure that they will, within the
>next 24 months or so, also introduce a 1500 or so line format, a 2K format,
>and probably a 2.5 or 3K format. This is the nature of electronic
>imaging...... obsoleting "standards" within a very short time frame.

I wonder what would happen if Kodak, Fuji or Agfa came up with a new film
format every couple of years?

How many of you have D2 machines you'd like to use as boat-anchors?

> It's also why I value film so highly. And why I question anyone who's
buying into
>the idea that currently proposed HD formats will be with us for any
>length of time.

The temptation of "doing it digitally" is probably blinding a lot of people
into making huge mistakes.  I couldn't agree more with Mike.  Film is THE
archival format and will be so for quite some time.
Just take a look at the whole "Star Wars" thing.  The original films were
released about TWENTY years ago.  Lucas scanned them, cleaned them up, added
some effects and re-released.  I wonder how many High-Def products are going
to be able to do that twenty years from now.

As always, my (never humble) opinion.

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