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Re: New Sony 24sF format

Rich --

The only difference between Sony's "segmented" idea and the telecine
to interlace at 29.97 that you describe is that they don't do the
slight filtering out of high frequency vertical energy required to
make interlace tolerable to watch.  There are two sampling steps here.
First, in the film camera, and second, in telecine.

Christopher asked:

>Regarding sF, one has to wonder exactly what purpose is being served.  If
>the final product is going to be interlaced, there is little point in
>carrying the added vertical detail information of progressive video through
>a recording and distribution chain just to throw it away at the display end.

There are a few reasons to carry forward as much resolution as you can
afford to buy:

1.  Displays will only get better and cheaper, so your stuff might sell better
in the future if you do.

2.  Any manipulation in post that imposes a re-sampling will produce a better
output if you carry forward more resolution than you need - repo's and such.

3.  Downconversion from an oversampled source always looks a little better in
the top octave of detail than native production in the lower format.

>On the other hand, if you want to preserve the quality by staying
>progressive, wouldn't it be preferrable to have a system made for the
>purpose, rather than trying to compress it through existing equipment
>designed to handle the lower bandwidth requirements of interlaced video?

At this point, you've already read your lines out one by one, so there's
no difference in bandwidth between filtered for interlace stuff and non-
filtered for reconstruction of progressive stuff, aka "segmented".  There's
no penalty for using the existing hardware, and it saves tons of money.

Mike Most is absolutely right that this is just a temporary interim format.
He's also right that all formats are just temporary interim formats.  Maybe
we'll be able to see a trend, like every x many months they come out with
y% more lines in the next format.  We'll call it Most's Law, like Moore's Law.
(They always come out with more, so we'll never get the most.... :-)  )

-- J.S.

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